project management

We manage and formulate projects under the PMI guidelines and methodologies.

During the life of the project and during its different stages, compliance with the scope, time and costs will be managed, taking into account the quality requirements, satisfying the client’s expectations.

Under the leadership and strategic planning of our team, the possible risks will be mitigated in order to increase the chances of success.

design and construction

The main success of our projects relies in the prompt interpretation of the needs that the client shows us, achieving a real scope.

Another important factor for this process is that we quickly identify the potential of a space, appreciating the context with which we must work.

Once these bases are understood, we begin with a conceptualization process of the project, which takes into account, in addition to the previously collected topics: needs and space, the brand or identity of the client.

We have a very clear and simple process for the development of the architecture:

Concept and preliminary
Schematic design (SD)
Development design (DD)
MEP Coordination
Construction documents (CD)

Project development

ephemeral spaces

The interest in representing the identity and character of our clients is meticulously reflected in the development of stands for ephemeral spaces and showrooms.

We are characterized by optimal and viable solutions, in a process that must be more compact and agile:

• Concept
• Stand design
• Manufacturing
• Assembly